Virtual Portal via Underline

Access to the IEEE ISPSD 2022 virtual portal is hosted by Underline. Please use the link below to be redirected.


Please note that you should have received an email from Underline with the subject: Claim your ticket to access ISPSD 2022.
Use the link in this email to create your account.

If you have registered for IEEE ISPSD 2022 but have not received such an email, please contact the Chair.

Conference Proceedings

You can access a digital copy of the conference proceedings, including all oral speaker and poster papers, through the Underline portal (link above). Once you are logged in to Underline, a link to download the proceedings will appear on the right side of the landing page.

Networking and Live Poster Sessions

Virtual networking and live poster sessions will be held on a platform called Gather(town).
You will need to create an avatar and go through a very short tutorial before being able to access the online meeting space.

Notes on using Gather(town):

  • Your browser will need access to your camera and microphone to interact with other users.
  • You will walk your avatar with the up, down, right, left arrows on your keyboard.
  • Interactions with other users are proximity based: approach someone to speak to and see them, walk away to disengage from audio and video.